Sunday, January 16, 2011

Crafters Donate Again - Pike River & Queensland

The generosity of crafters shouldn't come as a surprise, but sometimes it still takes my breath away - last week I heard about some amazing quilters who collected heart squares for Pike River families and have been swamped with 7500 squares!

They were hoping to make a quilt for each family but can now make one for each family member and send any spares to Australian quilters for the flood families. You can read all about it on Shirley Goodwin's blog. I heard her speaking on the radio to Marcus Lush and it was so moving to hear about quilts being sent  as a physically comforting donation, and a show of support and love, in addition to all the money that has been raised.

While I was getting this post together I also found this article on with video of the lovely ladies sewing all these squares together, have a look, the quilts are really beautiful.

If you are wondering how to help with Queensland flood relief efforts, one of our favourite Australian blogs Meet me at Mike's  has a round-up of some amazing projects, including quilts, auctions and donations.

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