Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Year, New Babies, New Names....

Naming your baby is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever have to make as an expectant mum. And if you’re like me, even after you’ve named yours, you take a big interest in what everyone else is naming theirs. So every January I hang out to see the official list of the top 100 baby names compiled for the year just been. I’m a curious cat and I love pouring over the list, seeing the trends, being surprised at which of my friends’ children are in the top 10 this time, or top 30, or whose name has fallen down the list.

This year, both of my girls’ names don’t even make it into the top 100; I’m thinking on one hand, how sad, and on the other hand, how cool that they are so unique! My top ‘boys’ name that I’m saving in case I have a boy one day, Isaac, is suddenly in the top 20 this year too, out of nowhere.

My close friends' children all feature including Sophie, Olivia and Lily, and my sister is Emma; while on the boys side, Finn, Benjamin, Cooper, Jack, Tyler, Liam and Joshua are all in the top 20.

Top 10 Girls Names, 2010
Name/ How many births

Sophie 377
Olivia 335
Ruby 322
Charlotte 305
Isabella 286

Lily 281
Ella 277
Chloe 262
Emily 232
Emma 228

Top 10 Boys Names, 2010
Name/ No of births.

Liam 374
James 333
Oliver 327
Jack 325
William 320
Joshua 298
Benjamin 286
Jacob 285
Lucas 271

I think it’s important to celebrate your naming decisions and in both my daughters’ rooms I’ve always had letter wall art spelling out their names or first initials. Mine are homemade with MDF and fabric, but if you want to buy something special, try buying New Zealand-made and custom-made just for you. I absolutely love the Nursery Art Prints by Miss Print on As well as their name, it records their date of birth and weight. I also adore the hand drawn ‘initial’ prints by Cloud Nine, also available on Or for something that will still be useful after your child has grown into a teenager, check out the mirrored acrylic ‘name’ plates that double as looking glass mirrors – there are several sellers on Felt and, including graphic artist Terry Barnett of Flaming Tiki.

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  1. we've semi sorted our boys name for baby number 3 but still not sure on girls name, have used our favs up on the first two with their first and middle names!

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