Thursday, January 27, 2011

Start ‘em young - sewing for preschoolers!

Some of my earliest memories are of my Mum sewing clothes for my sisters and myself. So when I spotted this little plastic sewing machine that really sews in my kindergarten’s school book and gift guide, I had to have it for my nearly five year old. I knew it wouldn’t last long, but it was a start, and it was going for a song. Little Miss loves to sit next to me when we’re crafting, helping to glue, paint, staple, or pin or play with a needle and thread. So you can imagine my anticipation on Christmas Day of what she’d say. She loved it!

The only glitch so far is that the bobbin eventually jumps right out of its casing, and causes the stitches to catch and wind around and stall the machine. I’ve solved it so far by laying a cut down piece of wire or ice block stick over the top of the casing, inside the hatch door, to keep it more snug in its place. But we’ll have to wait and see how long that lasts!

What's a good first project for her, do you think?


  1. Funny, i bought that exact machine for my nearly 4 year old after seeing it in the catalogue from her pre-school! It's waiting for her birthday in april. Thanks for the tip with the bobbin case :) I think I'll just give her heaps of fabric scraps and let her sew them together for her first project, then maybe help her make some sort of drawstring pouch or bag with them??! ha probably wishful thinking!

  2. Great stuff, happy sewing days, cheers Marie

  3. We gave my wee girl the same machine for Xmas so she can sit next to me while I make my toys!! It... um... only lasted for a day or two sewing actual stitches :( But Amy doesn't seem to mind as long as she has some fabric under the foot and hears it making a noise!!!! It's gorgeous♥


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