Friday, January 14, 2011

Where to find... Personalised Jewellery

Custom jewellery might be more affordable than you think, check out these gorgeous handmade options (and maybe start dropping hints for Valentine's or Mother's Day...)

I first saw Smallprint in Aimee's babybites column, so cute, I love the idea of preserving those tiny fingerprints.

Blackbird Singing sells these vintage-look charms on Felt, using leaves to make a 'Family tree' is so clever!

These rings are so divine, I would love to get a couple and stack them together. AForfebre is an Argentinian label on Etsy (and found via Evie Kemp on Dear Colleen).


You might have guessed by now that I have been researching this topic for a while - and this was my decision, a Brag About It circle pendant with my children's names, to wear with a silver heart pendant I rarely take off, but just as I was about to order it...

I found these 'posey' rings from Kathryn Riechert, traditionally a bridesmaid gift, that can be stamped on the inside or outside. I love rings and figured I could also wear it as a pendant, which I think makes it great value at approx NZ$40 including shipping from the US. I love it and my daughter is fascinated by it, now I'm tempted to get her something too!


  1. LOVE the blackbird singing charms. They are just so beautiful. I think I am going to have to pay them a visit. Thanks for this very special link. x

  2. ive had those posey rings on my favourites for so long but ive never ordered anything off etsy or the us so was nervous to do so...maybe its time ;)

  3. Emerson, just to add to your comment....etsy is a great place to make a jewellery purchase. By buying jewellery there you will be supporting the handmade jewellery artist. I so love one off pieces of jewellery and not the massed produced stuff on the high street.


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