Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blog love: check out Kitty as a Picture!!!!

I've found a new blogger in New Zealand who loves fabric, pattern and colour just as much as me. Well, officially, she loves it more - as illustration, pattern and design are the core skills of Brenda's impressive career.

Her new blog just launched is Kitty as a Picture - and I'm serioudly addicted to what she writes about the art of print and pattern. Brenda has gorgeous taste. We share some of the same 'inspirational' blogs coming out of the US and UK in our reading lists, but Brenda is able to explain the mechanics of the patterns expertly, because she's a trained graphics designer who started her career working for one of New Zealand's most famous animation companies.

Overseas she's worked for Walt Disney Animation, and now that she's back in New Zealand and a new Mum, she has turned to working part-time in the children's fashion and gift industries as a designer and now blogger.

She's also launching a gorgeous range of children's artworks based on 'Go Benny Go!' (see the cat image above!).

My favourite blog post so far was about a UK designer using vintage fabrics for little girl's clothes - check out the 'Madeleine' skirt in the blue and grey, I'm pining....- and I loved this one about quirky animal illustrations for nursery walls.

I seriously encourage you to take a few minutes to hop over and check out her blog if you're into design and pattern. To celebrate being already two months old in the blog world, Brenda is also running a giveaway of some gorgeous baby products - why not enter while you're there?


  1. Hi Aimee, what amazing, kind words! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked the Vintage Gems article - keep an eye out, I'm just working on a post featuring some amazing patterned dresses by a mixture of fab designers. Thanks again, Brenda X

  2. It really is a gorgeous blog, I love it too :)


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