Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New House: Room 3

So the lily pad family has moved into our new house, and the interior decorating is coming along at full speed. Room One - the lounge, is all complete apart from my own art work I'm working on, and hanging of the navy patterned wallpaper. Room Two - the girls combined room - is all complete and looks exactly like the mood board! They love it and putting them in together has made them firm little play friends too.

Room Three - is the combined kitchen and family room area. This is the area that 'sold' me the house when we came to look it at. I could picture us using this room all day, every day - and that's exactly how life is unfolding in the three weeks we have been here.
The kitchen is a light white/cream colour, with louvre servery windows above the stove and coffee nook that open out onto a breakfast bar on the deck. We use this mostly for coffee and cake so far, BBQs will come in the summer! The dining/family area wraps around the kitchen, and leads to same 'outside room' as the breakfast bar - a fully covered deck area - which lets in the sun and keeps out the rain.

The look I wanted was a holiday /weekender/ cafe style. So I've gone with a relaxed feel that mixes and matches furniture types of white lacquer and beech wood and red metal, and I really love the look of it. I've proudly purchased a couple of New Zealand artists' prints from Endemic World and Etsy in a food and drink related theme - Bron Alexander's "Daily Grind", Dear Colleen's "When Life gives you lemons, drink gin and tonic" - and my own New Zealand-themed cavases and applique cushions sit alongside. (Yes, I've yet to buy a frame for my family tree I completed on Friday. I will probably also purchase a joke 'keep calm' print about curries.)

Outside, we've gone with black wicker couches like a cruisy cafe. The sun shines in all day and friends have commented that sitting out on the deck outside feels like you've gone on holiday. I just love it! As well as the moodboard, I thought this time you might like to see the real deal.

What's next? Room 4 is our bedroom, which is changing all the time! Might have to wait a while for that one!!

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