Thursday, July 26, 2012

Colour me... rainbow

A rainbow scarf has been on my to-do list since I discovered granny stripes a couple of months ago, but this month's Colour Me Happy challenge actually made me start one!

I am always looking for shortcuts and it turns out that granny stripes are SO much easier than granny squares (i.e. less threads and sewing!) The Attic 24 blog has great instructions for stripes (and lots of other crochet projects too). The only change I made was to do clusters of two stitches instead of clusters of three, because that is what my Nana does on her stripey blankets    :)

I decided there would be no new yarn for this project so I ended up with multiple yellows and greens where I ran out of my first choice, but I think this fits with the rainbow theme.

I like long scarfs so I made the foundation chain approx 220cm, and then did two rows of each colour (except for only one row of indigo because I wanted to emphasize the violet).

This scarf was for me because my daughter prefers things to be green, green and green, but a kid-sized one would work with a 140cm length and one row of each colour.

See more rainbow projects on Colour Me There, and more makings on Creative Space with Kirsty.


  1. Wowsers! It's super pretty and perfect for brightening up dreary days!

  2. Oh I was just checking out granny stripes on ravelry yesterday, they look like so much fun and great to hear they are easy. Love the scarf!

  3. This looks fab - a rainbow for your neck! ... awesome!


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