Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Year, New Bag

First on my list of 2013 projects-to-do was this messenger bag. I knew exactly what I wanted - turquoise Melody Miller fabric, a cross-body strap and enough room for essentials without being an enormous carryall (after 6 years of carrying lots of things for kids I am promoting myself to a smaller bag!)

The hardest part was choosing the fabric as I had ordered two fat quarters (from Stitchbird Fabrics) and they are both amazing in person. Aimee and I have been obsessed with Melody Miller fabric for two years now (see Aimee's post here), everything she does is so clever and gorgeous. In the end I went with teacups because there was more turquoise.

I used the easy bag tutorial here by mmm crafts. I have made a small version before (see previous post) but this time I followed her measurements. You can't see in the pictures but it even has pockets and magnet clasps (that I bought here).

And because I couldn't wait to use my other Melody Miller fat quarter, I also made a little sleeping bag for my kindle. Which of course fits perfectly in my new bag.

Linking up with My Creative Space to see what everyone else has been up to.

(and for all Melody Miller news, follow her super-pretty blog)

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  1. lol i love that you called it a 'sleeping bag'. i love them both and want them both. I'm sick of carrying around kids stuff tooooooooo!

  2. Such a cute bag! I agree with Sarah, I love that you call it a 'sleeping bag.' Too precious.

  3. Greta, that is such a cool bag! And I love the typewriter fabric on your kindle. I detest it when hubs fills my bag with the kids stuff when we are going out (it's been like that for 5.5 years...) I'm looking forward to the day when I can, like you, just carry my own junk. You've done a great job (as always). :)


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